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Atmosphere w/ Evidence - Welcome to Canada Tour

I've had the honor to create these sculpture/paintings of Atmosphere and Evidence to help promote their upcoming tour of Canada in March of 2018. 

I'm grateful to the good people of Atmosphere & Rhymesayers who are, and always have been, an absolute pleasure to work with.

These were made with old logs and tree bark I had on my property.  

Also, of note, they went out of their way to hire a Canadian artist for their Canadian tour. Little things like that make a huge difference in my opinion. 

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Ever since I discovered Van Gogh's Shoe paintings, I've been fascinated with the idea of investing large amounts of time and effort to immortalize mundane objects.

I love to challenge the value given to some objects over others. What is truly valuable? What does it mean to hold value? Who decides?

This is my take on my own shoes.

40" x 40"

Stencil on canvas.



                                                                                                  Cover photography by Dan Monick / Paintings by Kevin MxDermott

I am thrilled to announce that my artwork will be prominently showcased on Minneapolis rap group Atmosphere's upcoming release.

A few years back, Sean Daley purchased a portrait of Ezra Pound I made and a few months later commissioned me to make a portrait of Frida Khalo in the same size and colour palette. It was a pleasure to work with him and create these paintings. Within the last year, Sean had hinted to me that they would be used for "something" of theirs but it wasn't clear yet what that would be. Even he didn't really know at the time. More recently, I was told the paintings would have something to do with the cover of the next project due out before christmas. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, it was left at that.

Well, last week, along with everyone else on the Rhymesayers mailing list, I had the opportunity to see the cover of the upcoming project: Ezra Pound VS Frida Khalo. Even though I knew to expect something, I didn't expect this. I was floored. In fact, I still am. It's always an honour to have work showcased anywhere, but in this case, the honour is tenfold. I've been listening to Atmosphere since the early 2000's and have nothing but respect for what they have been and what they have become. Now, in 2016, I have the privilege of calling Sean a friend and truly appreciate his work ethic, family-first values, and sense of humility.

The box set will be released on December 9th, 2016. It is a limited edition box set of 7 x 7" records of the singles they put out for free in the year leading up to the release of the album Fishing Blues. Previous to this release, the singles had only been available digitally. The physical box set will feature art by Dave Quiggle and all the photography is by Dan Monick. More details can be found either on the Rhymesayers website and pre-orders are being taken on their online store Fifth Element.

Finally, here's a reminder that all inquiries concerning commission work may be submitted via the contact link.

That is all for now. 


Here is my favourite poem by Ezra Pound:

And the days are not full enough

And the nights are not full enough

And life slips by like a field mouse

                      Not shaking the grass.