Kevin MxDermott (real name McDermott) is in his late thirties. He is the son of Odette and Alan. He enjoys baseball and reading novels (both word & graphic). He loves rap music both genuinely as well as ironically. He has never experienced anything more powerful than the first time he saw Saul Williams perform. He is currently very interested the 1960’s conceptual art of Lawrence Weiner and he believes the ideas and work of Marcel Duchamp are an integral part of art as we know it today. This has not always been the case and may no longer be the case later. He understands if, and why you might disagree. His hobbies include learning new things, re-evaluating his own opinions and changing his mind when presented with compelling new information. He knows any self-description he writes here is limited and limiting. He does not enjoy writing about himself - especially not in third person. He thanks you for your understanding.

Photo Credit: Kirk Lee Foon


Born and raised in the small town of Levis (Quebec, Canada), MxDermott currently resides and practices out of Montreal where he lives with his love Hilary & their daughter Billie.


MxDermott works primarily in hand made photo based stencil painting on various surfaces. Over the years, he’s added a few more tricks to his trade but most of those aren’t at a level he feels merit sharing yet. He also creates digital art like posters, flyers, logos, etc. Beyond that, Kevin collaborates with Hilary in turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure (read: furniture restoration). They are also currently working on a continuous, time-based, mixed-medium collaborative piece like no other (read: raising a human).


In 2008, following a long battle with writer’s block, MxDermott picked up the box cutter and spray paint and hasn’t put them down since. 

Photo Credit: Kirk Lee Foon


This is the most difficult of the “W questions” to answer. Yesterday’s motivations are not today’s, and tomorrow’s will most certainly be something else altogether. Overall, the only constant has been that MxDermott finds peace and growth in the process. It is a meditation of sorts. From a technical viewpoint, there is arguably an easier, more efficient way of doing what he does. Some have made suggestions, but he is not so much concerned with easier methods, because efficiency is not his goal. He welcomes the opportunity to lock himself away for an extended period of time to work on a new piece.

He truly believes in the idea that the artist may have a precise message to convey with the work, but that once the work is done, it must be released to the world to be received however the audience wishes it. 

Ultimately, he feels fortunate to be in a position in which he is afforded the opportunity to keep doing so. It is an added bonus if any of what he’s created touches someone else’s life, and he is thankful for anyone who has shown support, or who will show support.

Art existed before humans created the vocabulary and parameters used to identify and interpret it and it will continue to exist after we have gone. Everyone is right and everyone is wrong. So let’s just agree to disagree and appreciate this priceless life that’s given to us, which is really all that matters.

Keep reaching for the elusive light.